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It all started when…

On a 2010 trip to Kenya, Autumn met a young man who’s situation changed her forever. In a span of three months he had lost both his father and mother to AIDS. Living with his grandmother, he had run away because there was no food for him and his siblings. His one meal at school was his only meal each day. When Autumn met him he was being dismissed from the school due to lack of funds. Rather than accept this boy’s circumstance, she sought a solution. She thought, “This is not hard. This is easy fix. This, I can do…” Together, they walked back to the school where she helped him and many other students pay their school fees, as well as assisting the mothers in setting up a micro-lending program.

On the airplane ride back to Lawrence, Autumn had a lot to think about. There are so many people trying to elevate themselves out of personal poverty—be it material, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. She thought that there has to be a way to create change and to heal and establish a business and community outreach program for friends in Kenya, in Lawrence and beyond.

And so, Elevate was born.

Today, Elevate contributes a percentage of each service to organizations that elevate the lives of others. Clients receiving treatments are simultaneously helping vulnerable children in MaaiMahiu Kenya to receive basic education; autistic children in Kansas to receive necessary care; and more.

Elevate is not a complicated endeavor. It is simply about doing an act of kindness for you, your neighbor, the community and the world. A healing for one is a healing for all.